Event Marketing

trade shows offer sales opportunities

Event Marketing Opens Doors For Your Business

Event Marketing is merchandising a business to groups of potential buyers. Most sales systems have a specific target market or a selected company that is pursued to become a customer. Event marketing can be accomplished in two ways, either as a participant or as a sponsor. There is no limit to the different ways that event marketing can increase company awareness and introduce prospects to the advantages of partnering with your company.

Event marketing activity can be held locally or on a national forum. Both activities can bring new customers, and in some cases demonstrate goodwill, which can make a favorable impression and impart a positive image for your industry. The advantage of event marketing is to move from the one-on-one basis of selling to group selling. Group selling lets your company present itself and it products to several prospects at the same time or at the same location.


  • Trade Shows
  • Meetings
  • Sponsorships
  • Seminars or Workshops
  • Concerts
  • Malls
  • Plant Tours
  • Online Event Marketing

Trade Shows

Trade shows are the largest part of the event marketing theme and therefore constitute a very important part of the total marketing plan for most companies. There are many reasons to consider using trade shows. A few are listed below.

Meetings: Meet Us at The Factory!

This event marketing allows the sponsoring company to select guests who are invited to visit their company. The purpose of this program is to build loyalty with current customers or prospects and to increase sales from the current customers. It provides an opportunity to promote your products and services. Taking a guided tour of your facilities lets the customer see the benefits of partnering up with your company.

Seminars or Workshops

The marketing potential of seminars or workshops will depend on the audience and the amount of planning and preparation to put on a performance. The most important parts of this type of event marketing are the material that will be covered, and the presenter. Start with a list of possible subjects that might be of interest to your potential attendees (subject matter should not be a sales presentation). Then select your target market and start the publicity: e-mail, direct mail, and phone calls. Make it easy to sign up for the seminar, enclose an easy to complete registration form in all of the mailings, and place this form on your web site as well. Next you will need to design and produce support materials. These include handouts about the subjects covered, and slide or video presentations to explain and reinforce the learning process. Adult education can be a challenge and you must have a presenter who is comfortable with grabbing the attention of the viewer, holding their attention in a fun, informative style, while providing valuable information and insight.


Sponsorship will get you noticed and get your companyís name and product/service branded in your customerís mind. One of the best ways is to sponsor a local sporting team (professional or amateur). Sponsoring a sporting event, or sponsoring a Little League baseball, football, or soccer team is a great way to get your name out in the community. For an investment in their uniforms, your name and logo will be seen by every team member, families and community groups. If your company name is part of the teamís name you will also receive free publicity in the newspaper.

Concerts and Malls

These are great venues for event marketing. Most malls and concerts have booths for rent and they offer a great place to explain the benefits of working with your company. This venue is a great way to hand out media kits or brochures to the visitors at your booth.

Online Event Marketing

Online event marketing enables you to attract new customers, build your company brand, and increase revenue. Maximize the outcome with a well-coordinated plan of related programs. Consider incorporating product or service explanations or an interactive method where the visitor can find answers to their questions. An event can be implemented on your site or in partnership with a related media site.

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