Employee Development

The market place has changed, and the customer determines with whom, where, and on which products they will spend their money.

Employee Development

Quality employees can explain the value of the product to the customer. They have to select the best option to solve the customer’s problems, or deliver service to the customer, done right the first time. The best people to do that are employees that have been trained, and those who are motivated to help and serve customers.

Customer service is crucial in determining whether your business succeeds or fails. Even if you give customers great quality products and pricing, but fall short on customer service, the customer will find another vendor. So what is customer service? It is a series of actions that occur during moments when one employee interacts with one customer. It comes during those "defining moments of opportunities" when the way in which that customer feels about your company is determined by how well that employee works with them. Exceptional customer service creates repeat customers, and a referral system that directly affects your business’ bottom line.


Select Great People and Develop Employees That Excel

When a job opening exists in a company, the task of hiring is often given to the Personnel Department or the head of the department where the new hire will work. The cost of a new hire is extremely high when you factor in the training and development time needed before the company sees positive results. You can analyze the process used to select, develop and retain your employees to find the areas that need improvement.

Many business owners provide training classes to their employees to increase their total sales. Often they discover that there are many different styles and standards being used by their sales staff while helping customers. Some presentations were 'high pressure' or misleading. One salesperson would take ten minutes to complete a sale, while another would take forty-five minutes. Some salespeople would follow-up with clients, and others would never call a customer back.

Yes, salespeople should have their own style, but not a different sales 'system.' Sales Creators® has provided sales training nationwide for over forty years. We have proven that sales increase when the salesperson has, and follows a system. A system provides a starting point, a direction and a point of completion. This includes following up with customers. Sales Creators® refers to this system as a "track." It begins with a professional dialogue, or ‘introduction,’ and enables the customer to feel at ease. Then the process should find the customer’s problems, and uncover their needs through asking the right questions - all following a logical track. The track lets the salesperson explain the solution to the problem with 'merits' and 'rewards.' Then the track moves to answering questions and giving more information or providing further education, allowing the customer to see their best options. Together the customer and salesperson should arrive at the closing process together.

Sales Creators® can train management or staff on these proven methods, or we can provide hands-on training to your sales team.


Business-to-Employee Relationships

Your employees are an asset to your business.

There are many issues involving health, health care and safety in the workplace. Unfortunately, there are many workplaces in the United States that do not promote good health or help their employees with better health options. Perhaps the work environment is questionable: long expanses of time requiring employees to be seated in front of a computer screen, poor corporate culture, the use of recirculated air, artificial fluorescent lighting, and poor food and beverage choices in company vending machines. There are no systems in place to reduce stress or provide incentives to change bad health habits if workers have them. Most employers understand the financial effect that is caused by low productivity, or poor attendance due to sickness.

Company Stress Reduction Program
Company Stress Reduction Program

The World Health Organization estimates that stress costs U.S. businesses approximately $300 billion per year as a result of absenteeism, reduced productivity levels, and employee turnover. Companies are also paying higher medical and insurance fees.

Many research studies have been conducted to find out what employees want from their jobs. Most employers think that this is an easy question to answer: they want more money. Yet the research shows this item to be far down on the list.

A new survey from the Society for Human Resource Management found:

  1. Job flexibility. Employees want input in deciding when they work, where they work, and the ability to construct a schedule that helps them perform well.
  2. Security and great working conditions with less stress.
  3. Respectful treatment of all employees at all levels, and empathetic help on personal problems.
  4. Recognition and attention. People often equate communication with respect, attention, and recognition.
  5. Fair compensation. Offering fair compensation, decent benefits, the opportunity to earn rewards and bonuses, timely performance reviews, and merit increases

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