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Sales and Profits: Quality and Quantity

To have a successful business you must have profitable sales. There is a formula to increasing sales.

In any business, sales strategies and marketing are crucial for growth and development. A crucial tactic for increasing profits and creating value requires a complete investigation of the current systems on which your business operates. This is especially true for your storefront or physical business location.

Selling refers to the process of solving problems or needs that a customer has through the use of your products and services. The sales process should help the customer by providing the education needed to make an intelligent buying decision about your product or service. This way they understand how your solution will benefit them. Professional selling builds long-term buying customers who view the salesperson as a partner. Increasing sales does not mean lowering the price, it means explaining the value that the customer is receiving for their investment.


Capacity for Growth

When a business owner is asked the question, "Would you like to have more sales?," the answer is invariably "YES." The real question should be, "Does your company have the capacity to handle additional sales or growth?" Increasing sales is often easier than increasing capacity for the sales.

Capacity for Growth

The first task is to estimate the present capacity of the company. The business must have the ability to keep pace with expansion, ordering and fulfillment, and personnel, including hiring and training. What additional equipment and/or capital improvements are needed to reach higher capacity? To maintain consistent customer service with an increase in sales, what is needed? Product levels must be a consideration. Can your current vendor increase your orders and handle an adequate delivery schedule? These areas must be examined before you turn the green light on for increasing sales.

Increasing the volume of new sales does not mean more profitability. Extreme caution must be taken in this endeavor and inspecting profits has to be performed on a regular basis when starting an emphasis on growing your sales. A well-trained sales team with a detailed marketing plan is a key to success. How well your team interacts with customers before, during and after the sale will determine how quickly your profits will rise.

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