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Sales Creators® has worked with National and International Companies providing training and support for management and or employees. Workshop duration ranges from a few hours to a weeklong event. The team at Sales Creators® designs the content, and uses different styles and delivery methods to insure that the participants will gain the maximum benefit from the materials. Meetings and events require different formats. Sales Creators® provides services for exciting and motivational, or for formal, in-depth presentations - but always in a fun and entertaining style. Sales Creators® presenters keep the listener involved, often as active participants in the performance.

Highlights from a few of our Workshops and Services provided to clients:

* Richardson Brothers, a Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin furniture manufacturer posted an increase of $7 million worth of business over the previous year. The company's president attributed "almost all" of the increase to a dealer training program created by "Uncle Bob Petet" of Sales Creators®. With over 100 dealers involved with this program they had increased their sales by an average of 60%. (From S&MM – Sales Marketing Management magazine.)

Richardson Brothers contracted Bob Petet to tailor a sales course to fit the dealers in the furniture industry. They brought in 30 dealers from major markets in the United States and a few from Canada and South Africa to a three-day sales training workshop. "Uncle Bob" introduced the Flexi Track Sales System. At the end of the workshop, each dealer took home the sales training materials for each member of their sales team, and a six-week long video training course to begin training at their stores. Then a three-month contest commenced. The dealer who completed the contest with the largest increase in sales from the previous year would receive a giant trophy, a check for $1,000 (for a party for their crew), and local plus national press coverage. Of all the dealers, there was an overall increase of 59%. The program was then offered to an additional 1,800 dealers. Check out the amazing results they posted:

First Place winner was Dining Furniture Centre from Rochester, NY, with a 596% increase
Second Place was Estes Furniture Lansing, MI, with 423% increase
Third Place was Marchant Home Furnishings, from Grandview, WA with 377% increase

* Grosh Scenic Rentals is an established Backdrop Company in Los Angeles California. They have provided scenic backdrops for the Hollywood Film Industry for over 80 years. Grosh hired Sales Creators® to provide training, and to create and implement many sales and marketing systems. These systems are attributed to the company’s increase in their sales, market share, and viability in the entertainment market. Company principals remarked that the changes enhanced the quality of their sales representatives, and increased accountability of the sales department. At the same time, Sales Creators® worked closely with the Vice President of Sales & Marketing as well as other management and supervisory personnel to enhance their management skills. The end result: more sales, more new customers, and happier employees.

* Spokane Regional Chamber of Commerce hosted a half-day workshop facilitated by Sales Creators®. The workshop was sold out, and many of the attendees reported their individual company’s successes after implementing concepts given in the seminar.

* Spokane Regional Chamber of Commerce instituted a long-term Wellness Program done by Sales Creators®/Tai Chi for Health instructors. All participants had favorable results from the program, many with remarkable health and productivity improvements.

* Spokane County Wellness Committee, which are comprised of City, County and Health Department employees, were provided a presentation for ‘Reducing Stress and Absenteeism’ in the work place. Each attendee learned how Tai Chi and Qigong would furnish the tools to reduce stress and at the same time provide more energy for increased productivity at work, and for activities after work. Over sixty employees enrolled, and have continued a weekly program offered by Sales Creators®/Tai Chi for Health.

* Many local businesses hire Sales Creators® to start wellness programs for their employees. Programs meet regularly, and results can be tracked and studied to confirm their efficiency.

See the EMPLOYEE HEALTH PROGRAMS section for more information.

Because of the high stress factors in most businesses today, and the health concerns of management and staff, programs that are comprehensive and tailored to fit certain organizations are becoming increasingly more viable. Sales Creators®/Tai Chi for Health has been using a business approach to implementing such programs for over fifteen years.

Selecting the best wellness program for a company is an important task. A key component at the start of the process is having a facilitator like Sales Creators® who can design and/or recommend a model that can be tailored to fit the needs of the staff and the objectives of the company.

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