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Sales Creators, Incorporated is a team that has helped businesses for decades. Our expertise is in marketing, sales, and problem solving. The ultimate goal, as stated in our Mission Statement, is to help our customers grow. It takes an immense amount of work to start a business, or to ‘turn around’ a business that is stagnant or on the decline.

Most of our customers simply want to change an area or a facet of their business. In any of these cases, business professionals know that they need additional labor resources and expert knowledge to accomplish the task.


Sales Creators® Mission Statement

As emissaries we work to serve our clients.
Every client is a friend and business partner and we strive to earn their respect.
Our goal is to listen to and hear our clients’ concerns and furnish solutions to their problems.
We assist but a few, resolved to find harmony and truth in all things. Our aim is to help our clients grow.


Sales Creators’® principals serve as board members for select community non-profit organizations and are contributors to many annual charity events and auctions, in addition to volunteering time in the community.



Sales Creators, Incorporated started with a husband and wife team that helped hundreds of businesses in the Western region through in-house consultations, workshops and seminars. Our expertise is in sales, marketing, and problem solving. It takes an immense amount of work to start a business, or to 'turn around' a business that is stagnant or on the decline. The goal started with that of helping customers grow their businesses. Our innovative ideas and implementing the right plans at the right time helped most of our customers grow their business and become more profitable.

Sales Creators® has been helping brick-and-mortar businesses for more than 40 years. The world of business enterprise continues to change, and owners and managers of small- to medium-sized companies that have a physical presence must also have a business model with new sales and marketing strategies offering a responsive, positive experience to the in-person consumer when purchasing from your company.

Helping Other Companies Succeed
Since its development in the early 1970’s, Sales Creators® has presented nationally one of the most widely used methods of non-pressure sales techniques through workshops, seminars and private company training. This method has been responsible for providing the system and training that allowed participating companies to achieve sales increases ranging from small increases up to averages of 25 – 35%, and in some industries even higher results have been reported.

By the mid-eighties, with a proven track record in numerous industries helping businesses grow, Sales Creators® branched out to run a very successful retail computer store. For twelve years, Sales Creators® followed its own formula and operated the most successful computer-electronics store in Spokane, WA. Within three years, the store was rated by Robertson Research Company as one of the top three computer stores in the Spokane area. Sales Creators® was the recipient of various AAF ADDY Awards, including “Top Honors for Full-Page Media Ad Campaign.” The business was nominated for Small Business of the Year three consecutive years by the Chamber of Commerce. Creating a professional sales environment that enabled consistent annual growth, having very low employee turnover, and creating happy customers were a few of the remarkable accomplishments.



Strategic Business Assessment and Plan for Improvement
We conduct comprehensive 1-3 day on-site assessments of your business. Upon completion of the assessment, the business owner and management team are presented with a written assessment of the business, and a recommended plan for improvement.

A Resource in the Development of Employees
Many of our customers realize that they need more productive employees, or additional labor resources to change an area or a facet of their business. In any of these cases, we collaborate with your management team to develop education and training programs to build better employees. Sales Creators® can establish an employee health program that will decrease absenteeism and increase productivity.

After being part of the Spokane business community for over 25 years, and having worked with hundreds of businesses and their staff members, we had seen firsthand health and absenteeism problems, and their affects on businesses. A new division was added to our company: Tai Chi for Health Spokane, which created employee health programs that decreased absenteeism by reducing stress and fatigue, and increased creativity and productivity. These cost-effective programs improved company morale, and employers saw their employees wanting to come to work, and performing better while on the job.

Tai Chi for an Individual’s Health
After the success of these programs to promote and achieve better health in the business community, Tai Chi for Health expanded to include individual enrollment.

Both Bob and Cindy have about 20 years of experience in tai chi and qigong, including Yang Style, Sun Style, Hunyuan Ruler Qigong, BaGua Palm, and Beifang Qi Taiji Zhang Cane.

  • teachers: Master Gao Fu, Grandmaster Chen Xiang and Master Yu Shaowen, Grandmaster Yang Shiming and Master Yu Shaowen, Sifu Bryan Knack, Master Andrew Dale, Master Paul Lam, Master Dave Harris, Sifu Diane Kehoe and Sifu John Eastman, Sensai James Bouchard, Sifu Michael Gilman, Sifu Sana Shanti, Sifu Harvey Kurland
  • bronze and silver medal winners at the California International Wushu competition in 2005 performing Yang style
  • certifications for Dr. Paul Lam’s programs
  • participate annually events, such as World Tai Chi and Qigong Day, Valley Fest, Fitness Expo, Sr. Wellness Conference, Falls Prevention conferences
  • perform numerous talks and presentations on subjects including tai chi and qigong for stress reduction, relaxation techniques, exercise, balance and seniors, pain reduction and movement disorders (arthritis, fibromyalgia), diabetes, and back health



Let’s get started…
If you have concerns or doubts about your business, or its viability, contact us. For impartial expertise about how your business is doing in specific areas: we can help.

If you are an individual wanting to improve or maintain your health, contact us or see our current SCHEDULE for available classes.

Our consulting and management services are billed on either an hourly basis or project-fee basis.

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