Employee Betterment

The strength of a business is directly related to the health of its workforce. That is the reason that employers should make workplace health a part of the overall business strategy. By promoting healthy habits at work, a business can help reduce expenses, decrease absenteeism, while increasing productivity.

The business workplace has changed dramatically over past years. To return to better health is becoming a central issue to employees, as well as employers. The employer-employee work relationship has been transformed in the process. Employees today are more like free agents than in the past. Employers are faced with creating a more engaging and flexible work environment. Flexible hours, child and elder care, stress reduction classes, and freedom to take care of necessities in their personal lives creates a space that entices the working individual.

Employee Betterment

Specially tailored wellness programs for companies are available to fit into a corporate or small business setting. Wellness programs will reduce stress, increase employee creativity and sharpen their problem solving skills, while improving their overall health and wellbeing. These inexpensive programs are simple to start in the workplace.

Sales Creators® offers Tai Chi for Health programs. Our “Tai Chi “and “Qigong” programs can be offered at your business location, or at the many places where regular classes are held in the Spokane area. For over ten years, our programs have given employers an affordable, enjoyable option to help their business while at the same time benefitting their employees. Bigger ROI, better employees.


A Better Way

Lower medical costs by 41% - a study released in 2014 showed that Macy’s occupational health program in California significantly lowered its workers’ compensation costs. With an employee health program, Macy’s overall per-claim costs were 12% lower (41% lower for direct medical costs) and the company had 61% fewer litigated claims.

Workplace health programs can increase productivity.

In general, healthier employees are more productive. The CDC does extensive research and tracking on work-health related topics, like these below.

  • Healthier employees are less likely to call in sick or use vacation time due to illness
  • Companies that support workplace health have a greater percentage of employees at work every day
  • Because employee health frequently carries over into better health behavior that impact both the employee and their family (such as nutritious meals cooked at home or increased physical activity with the family), employees may miss less work caring for ill family members as well
  • Similarly, workplace health programs can reduce presenteeism (often defined as attending work while sick) – which is the measurable extent to which health symptoms, conditions, and diseases adversely affect the work productivity of individuals who choose to remain at work

The cost savings of providing a workplace health program can be measured against absenteeism among employees, reduced overtime to cover absent employees, and costs to train replacement employees. The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index surveyed 94,000 workers across 14 major occupations in the U.S. Of the 77% of workers who fit the survey’s definition of having a chronic health condition (asthma, cancer, depression, diabetes, heart attack, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or obesity), the total annual costs related to lost productivity totaled $84 billion. According to the survey, the annual costs associated with absenteeism vary by industry, with the greatest loss occurring in professional occupations (excluding nurses, physicians and teachers) at $24 billion annually.

When a company starts a Wellness Program for their employees, productivity goes up and absenteeism goes down.

Large and small companies hire Sales Creators®/Tai Chi for Health to facilitate ‘Employee Wellness Programs’ in the workplace. These programs offer the employee ways to improve their health, and reduce stress and anxiety at work by participating in a Tai Chi or Qigong class. Instruction can be scheduled before work, at a lunch break, or after work. Options include having programs that employee’s family members can also join. Employees often develop a closer network with co-workers, and they become more confident and have better self esteem. The results include having more energy and the ability focus better on the task at hand.

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