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No matter what your age, if you do not have good health, your quality of life is not its best.


Getting Balanced

Take an active part in your own health; don't turn it over to another person. You will always have choices. Some are easy, and some may require more information to help you with the decision process. Often when options are given on how to become better or healthier, it is lifestyle changes that are presented. There may be pressure to make a decision, or the sense of being overwhelmed by the number of choices, including where or how to start!

Getting Balanced

Some Lifestyle Options:

  • better nutrition
  • more exercise and less sedentary behavior
  • avoid engage in ‘harmful’ activities, such as smoking, or substance abuse
  • less dependency on mobile devices and technology, especially game technology
  • get more healthful sleep, or quality rest, including relaxation or meditation

Start with one change, and make it your choice, not that of a family member, medical team, or coworker. For example, if you feel you need more physical activity, answer one major question: why should I make this change, or, how is it going to benefit me? Define the type and duration of activity, and where and when you will perform your new program. Now that you have made the decision, then gather a support team to help ensure your success. Let family members know the details, and ask them to help you with clearing time and covering family responsibilities. Ask a buddy to join in the activity; when you don't feel like sticking to your program, your friend can encourage you.

Many believe that each individual should take responsibility and work hard to achieve self-actualization and a better quality of life. Sometimes the need for change is obvious to us, sometimes not.

So what motivates us to change?

Maslow’s theories encompassed the hierarchy of human needs: basic and growth needs. He started with the original 5-tiered model: biological/physiological (food, shelter), safety (protection, security), love and belonging (friendship, partnership, family), esteem needs (achievement, confidence), and self-actualization (realizing potential), and he later expanded the model. His accounts focused on what goes “right” in human behavior. He stated that human motivation is based on people seeking fulfillment and change through personal growth.

Once the basic needs are met, you can focus on higher levels of growth needs. If you don’t feel good, that may be a motivator. If you feel you are lacking something, that void may drive you to correct that situation. If you need to reduce or eliminate pain, relax more, feel happier, sleep better … there are disciplines that can help you achieve that. There are techniques and methods to help a person feel better or become balanced.

The ability to reach expectations starts with a plan; without a plan you simply have a dream. If you work every day on your goal, your goal will go to work for you.

Our Tai Chi for Health programs present a framework and provide supporting information to achieve goals in a positive manner. The framework emphasizes balance and self awareness. People who have tried the programs realize improvements in their physical and mental conditions.


The Cost of Imbalance

As an employer, the health status of your employees directly affects your profitability. As an individual, no matter what your health status, if you are not feeling good, your quality of work or daily activities suffer.

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